About Us


The IUCN/SSC Re-Introduction Specialist Group (RSG) primarily promotes the re-introduction of viable populations of animals and plants back to their natural ecosystems, thereby significantly contributing to conservation efforts worldwide.

The RSG is a crucial and influential group in over 100 Specialist Groups of the Species Survival Commission (SSC). The SSC is one of the six commissions of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)which is involved in developing and practicing progressive conservation techniques. While most Specialist Groups are concerned with a single taxonomic group (e.g. Crocodile, Cat), the RSG is one of the few disciplinary Specialist Groups (e.g. Veterinary, Conservation Breeding).

Today, the RSG plays a vital role in conservation by re-introducing species that are becoming rare or extinct, back to their natural ecosystems. Through its pioneering interdisciplinary practices and successful collaborations and partnerships, the RSG increasingly provides effective solutions to conservation.